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Alpaca Sweaters / Coats

Elizabeth, Alpaca Sweater/Coat
Price :     $356.00
Sale Price  ---- $213.00

Brand :     Paca 1

​Content : 70% Alpaca

Made in:    USA

Color Options :  
                    Black,            Large
                    Charcoal,     XLarge

Tight Knit, unlined

Color - Black       Size Large

Color - Charcoal     Size   X Large

A very stylish, 2 pocket coat with Navy style collar.
The coat is unlined with leather clench (SEE CLOSE-UP)

Surprisingly warm and light weight. 


Color - Size
Other colors/sizes available on special order.
It will be custom made for you so please
allow extra time.
Call Ed  -  507 202 2077 for info.